Drone Laws - Namibia

Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA) Namibia


Drone Regulations
NEW: The Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) welcomes the operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in Namibia. All efforts would be made to consider requests under the current regulatory framework contained in the Namibian Civil Aviation Regulations NAMCARS Part 101, in line with the provisions of the NCAA’s Directive appended below, providing for the operations of remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) called commonly "Drones" in Namibia. In order to meet the regulatory requirements a person operating a RPA System in Namibia shall have prior authorisation or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Letter of Approval (RLA) or Operating Certificate (ROC) from the Executive Director before undertaking any flight operations. No RPAS shall operate without carrying on his or her person at the time of operation, evidence of prior written approval by the persons, organisations or authorities exercising lawful jurisdiction over the affected area or activity. contact details: e-mail: rpas@dca.com.na Tel (Local): 61 70 2005 Tel (Int’l): +264 61 70 2005

No Fly Zones
(a) higher than 150 feet above the surface; (b) within a published controlled zone, air traffic zone or air traffic area; (c) closer than five nautical miles from the boundary of an aerodrome

Fee payable to fly your drone
A fee must be paid to fly your done in Namibia of NAD 1,200.00 (One Thousand Two Hundred) Namibian dollars, being processing fees for Private and Recreational use and NAD 4,500.00 (Four Thousand Five Hundred) for Commercial and Aerial work use.

Supporting documentshttp://www.dca.com.na/docs/AIP/Enroute/Enroute.pdf)