Drone Laws - New Zealand

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand


Civil Aviation Rules (pdf)

****NEW**** NZ Drone rule amendments come into effect on 10 MARCH 2017. Check amendments before flying!

NZ Drone rules are divided into groups of related rules called ‘Parts’.

The two Parts that relate directly to RPAS are:
  • Part 101 Gyrogliders and Parasails, Unmanned Aircraft (including Balloons), Kites, and Rockets - Operating Rules
  • Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification.
  • Operators of RPAS also need to be aware of other rules that affect them, for example Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules.
  • Part 101 only applies to RPAS of 25 kg and under that can fully comply with the rules in Part 101. To operate any aircraft over this weight, and for operations that cannot comply with Part 101, the operator must be certificated under Part 102.

    Part 101
    (Part 101 LINK)

    Part 101 Overview: