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The Bahamas Civil Aviation

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Proposed Regulations from 2015:

Unmanned & Remotely Piloted Aircraft (applicable to the use of all unmanned and/or remotely piloted aircraft weighing less than 15 kg when used for recreational or hobby activities.
Documentation and process: General rules: Permission for Aerial works: http://www.bcaa.gov.bs/public/downloads/proposed/011_SCH_BCAD_Aerial_Work_2015.pdf
Foreign Operators: http://www.bcaa.gov.bs/public/downloads/proposed/020_SCH_BCAD_ForeignOperators_2015.pdf
General Policies, Procedures & Definitions:


Good to know: Duty tax may be charged to bring in your drone! Visitors have a $100 exemption with drones potentially charged at a duty rate of 70% +7.5% VAT. Be sure to check before travel!