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Operation of unmanned aircraft (de)

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Operation of unmanned aircraft
According to the amendment to the Aviation Act (LFG) is since 1.1.2014, the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (colloquially "drones" called) possible. We have selected the most important information on the technical approval and summarized for operation (especially Class 1 gem Aviation Act.):
Unmanned aerial vehicles (competent authority Austro Control)
Austro Control issued exclusively the aviation legal authorization. It is the responsibility of the "operator" to comply with all other relevant legal provisions (for example, data protection, authorization to operate within security zones, commercial legal authorization, conservation, etc.). Unmanned aerial vehicles in Class 1 (with sight) Unmanned aerial vehicles of class 2 (no line of sight) Content of the implementing rules (Class 1): Basically is parked in the approval of unmanned aerial vehicles in Class 1 primarily on the hazard potential. Requirements vary application areas (uncultivated, uninhabited, populated and densely populated) and weight groups. A total of four categories of unmanned aerial vehicles defined (A-D). Thereafter depends essentially the severity of the conditions. (For example, building codes, performance parameters, Pilot qualification, etc.).
If the applicant does not have an Austrian pilot's license, the civil aviation skills 67 required for approval of Category C or D according LBTH no. Can be detected by passing an examination in the subject of air law. The examination must be in electronic form at Austro Control, the Exam registration under examinations@austrocontrol.at least
Rules for model aircraft are not affected and by the competent authority (Austro Control GmbH) published.
Models up to 79 joules kinetic energy (about 250 grams): e.g. Mini -Spielzeughubschrauber, Mini Models of foam with camera are allowed up to a maximum height of 30m. A hazard to persons or property shall be excluded. These "toys" do not fall under the scope of the Federal Aviation Act, a license is not required.
Unmanned aerial vehicles over 150 kg:
Unmanned aerial vehicles over 150 kg Operating mass need anyway approval by EASA (EC) 216/2008 also the rules of EASA apply to unmanned aircraft of Class 2 150 kg Operating mass. Since 1 January 2014, an application is possible. The authorization is done in the communication form. The technical and operational conditions (LBTH 67) are available in the following overview.
FAQ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
(http://www.austrocontrol.at/luftfahrtbehoerde/formulare__serviceinfo/allg_informationen/faq/ulfz) 1. When do I need an operating license for my aircraft? 2. When do I need no permit? 3. How long does it take to process an application for granting an operating license for an unmanned aircraft? 4. Which areas of application are available? 5. Why do I get despite requesting no general operating license for the use of my unmanned aircraft over densely populated areas (= Application IV)? 6. What is a general operating license? 7. Which category corresponds to my unmanned aircraft? 8. Why my Quadrokopter was not granted for category B or C? 9. Why are the times when I can run my unmanned aerial vehicle according to the communication restricted? 10. What are the fees for an operating license? 11. What are the financial statements of insurance for my unmanned aircraft to look for? 12. What is meant by "special drawing rights" with respect to the insurance coverage? 13. What consequences threaten if I run my unmanned aircraft without a permit? 14. Where can the required knowledge according LBTH Nr. 67, point (pilot requirements) may be purchased for the necessary examination, what it includes and where I put it off? 15. What are the under LBTH Nr. 67, point (pilot requests), you need practical skills, for example, for a 10 kg UAV class 1 with camera equipment for monitoring of construction sites?