Drone Laws - Croatia

Croatian Civil Aviation Authority



In Croatia, drones are classed into 3 weight classes (5, 25, 150) which can be flown in 4 area categories (I, II, III, IV) under 4 different permissions (A, B, C, D). The table below shows a summary. Regulations for flying a drone(hr)

Croatia_drone rules_permissiontables2_20160907

Flying Distances

Drones must be flown:

  • Only in daylight hours.
  • 30m away from people , animals , buildings , vehicles , vessels , other aircraft , roads, railways , waterways or powerlines.
  • in VLOS and not more than 500m from the operator.
  • 150m away from crowds.
  • 3km away from airports/aerodromes.
  • Taking images with a drone

    When shooting footage with a drone (commercially or recreationally) permission to capture imagery needs to be obtained from State Geodetic Administration. After flying, all images must be submitted to the State Geodetic Administration for security inspection. Decree for capturing images from the air (UREDBA O SNIMANJU IZ ZRAKA)(hr)

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