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Iceland has guidance' for flying drones
iceland drone flyer_20170207 (google translated) Operation unmanned aircraft this information letter provides information on the rules that are currently in effect on the operation of Oman adder aircraft. Unmanned aircraft generally apply the same rules as manned aircraft, including aviation law no. 60/1998 and Regulation of flugreg Lur no. 770/2010 which may among other things, in Chapter I of Annex I to the Regulation the definition of what constitutes an aircraft: Any machine that can flight because of the reactions of the air other than the air bag impact at the surface. The values ​​are also specific rules for aircraft models and it is the Transport Authority to the regulations must also Oman adder aircraft a. Then it'srules contained in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Iceland, ENR 1.1.10 (http://ww2.caa.is/media/PDF/ENR.pdf), states inter alia .Do not require authorization climbing aircraft models that are 5 kg or less of the total, with the exception if they are compelled n on the missile. Aircraft models with internal combustion engines should not fly within 1.5 km distance from residential areas except flugmálayfirvöld has approved it. The same applies to all aircraft models is the fly within 1.5 km from the boundary of the airport. Acceptance ATS units required for every flight airplane models within the aerodrome. Acceptance ATS units required for every flight airplane models within the aerodrome. An individual or company wishing to operate unmanned aircraft over 5 kg shall apply for a license for such operations Transport Authority. Transport Authority evaluate applications on the basis of the rules applicable to aircraft.