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Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego (Polish Civil Aviation Authority)

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Please be advised that on 27 October 2015 were signed Guideline No. 10 of the President of the Civil Aviation Office on practical training on unmanned aerial vehicles by the entities of the training listed in the register of training. We encourage you to read the document:
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Poland UAV laws

Regulations overview
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Due to the increasing popularity of unmanned aircraft and their availability, the Civil Aviation Authority of concern for the safety of civil aviation has prepared a television spot and website www.latajzglowa.pl, designed to draw attention to the most important rules of safe flying unmanned aircraft, commonly called "drones."

In Poland, the unmanned aircraft can fly only within sight of the operator.

For safety reasons, flying drones in sight are limited in some areas of airspace. You can not fly, eg. In the zone controlled airports, except with the consent of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency at the inlet in the zone.

The operator must also ensure safe execution of the flight, so that the drone does not pose a danger to persons, property or other airspace users.

For flights in the areas of airport traffic or at a distance of less than 5 km from the border of the airport or airfield, it requires the consent of managing the airport.

The operator of the drone with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 25 kg, used exclusively in operations Volos, planning to flights in the zones controlled airports, is obliged to notify the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency at least 7 days before the planned flight.

To carry out drone flights in a way other than leisure and sports, should hold a certificate, or a document confirming that the operator can safely operate such a device, aero-medical and insurance. All flights related to the provision of services, such as eg. Taking pictures or shooting videos require a qualification certificate issued by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority after passing the state exam practical and theoretical. Currently in Poland it was issued more than 1,000 certificates of competency operator unmanned aircraft.

In addition, to operate in the city center requires the consent of the Government Protection Bureau. For details on this are available on the BOR.

On the Civil Aviation Authority is available Instructions for obtaining conditions for operating in sight (VLOS) unmanned aircraft are controlled airports (CTR)

The rules for operating in conditions VLOS (Visual Line of Sight - operations within sight of the operator) have been included in the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 26 March 2013. On the exclusion of the application of certain provisions of the Aviation Law for certain types of aircraft and determine the conditions and requirements for the use of these ships. Flights must take place outside the areas controlled airports, aerodrome traffic zones, military airport, a military airport controlled zones and zones R (Restricted Area - area restrictions), D (Danger Area - danger zone) and P (Prohibited Area - prohibited area).

Whenever air traffic control inform the police of any dangerous events. Please note that bleed lanterns, balloons, fireworks, laser lights must obtain the consent of a provider of air traffic service. Criminal penalties for failure to comply with these restrictions are specified in the Act of 3 July 2002. Aviation Law. Violations of the law may be punished by a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year or up to 5 years.

Sports and recreational flying drones is safe, as long as we adhere to a few rules:

Fly in sight in the open Do not fly in the vicinity of airports Do not fly over people Do not fly over cities and buildings Do not fly over roads

Qualification certificates / exams

In view of the increasing number of operations performed with the use of unmanned aircraft used for filming and photography from the air, the Civil Aviation Authority recalls the obligation to hold a certificate of qualifications under Article. 95 paragraph. 2 points. 5a of the Act dated. 3 July 2002. - Air Law (Dz. U. of 2012. Pos. 933, as amended. D.) Imposed on persons who are operators of unmanned aircraft used for purposes other than recreation or sports. Any information about the rules for obtaining the required certificate, you will find below.