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DroneALERT is a global drone incident reporting and intelligence system that contributes to Counter-UAV operations by filling evidence gaps, which occur during drone incident investigations.

  • Technology system supporting Counter-UAV's multi-tier solutions by providing comprehensive drone incident reports and management;
  • Fast and user-friendly process for the public to report dangerous or potentially illegal drone activities;
  • Reporting is optimized for mobile phones, the report can be completed as the indecent is occurring;
  • Live, operational system, connected to organizations around the world, who will receive the drone report to aid them during drone incident investigations;
  • DroneALERT promotes global drone safety, security, management and mitigation.

Adversarial Testing - Red Team

The DroneALERT Red Team

Our Red Team delivers to client requirements - operating unmanned/manned platforms, kinetic/non-kinetic capabilities, biomimetic and custom platforms in the operational environment and conditions set. We service clients in LEA, Border Protection, Military, VIPs, Events and Public Space protection.

To request a Red Teaming Operation contact

Guardian - Location Protection Assessment

Our Guardian service provides customised on-site threat, risk assessment and CUAS technology recommendations for location protection. Skilled DroneALERT team members will carry out a site inspection identifying location vulnerabilities and threats which contribute towards a report of vulnerabilities, red teaming and training next steps.

To request a Guardian quote contact

Protect - CUAS Capacity classification

Our PROTECT service is divided into two service depending if you are an organisation wishing to procure CUAS Technology or a CUAS Technology Companies


DroneALERT has a long standing reputation and experience in the drone domain, most particularly C-UAS. We provide specialised consultancy services across the entire C-UAS process chain.

To request a consultancy quote contact

Drone Training Academy

Drone Detectives

User Groups

DroneALERT has two main user groups: Organizational Users and Public Users.

Organizational Users

Organizational users are organizations, agencies or authorities such as airports, CAA, police & security agencies, intelligence organizations, utilities, humanitarian aid, insurance agencies, emergency service providers, sporting stadiums, prisons, shopping centers, VIP movement management, hotels etc.

DroneALERT can be deployed anywhere for security and intelligence purposes.

Aid in incident investigation

Organizations use DroneALERT for gathering evidence from the public to aid in a drone incident investigation.

Drone Intelligence Reports

The Drone Intelligence Report from DroneALERLT efficiently consolidates public reports, internal and external data sources and social media into a comprehensive report to fill incident evidence gaps.

Rapid situation assessment

When Drone Intelligence Reports within the DroneALERT system are processed, the relevant organization is notified in near-real time. Accessing report contents gives organizations the edge to make a rapid assessment of the situation to determine the level of security risk and open new avenues of evidence.

Statistics and trends

If a number of reports are processed within an organization's jurisdiction by the public, statistics and trends can be formed which can aid the organization in future drone management planning and mitigation. Global statistics from the system area are also available.

Public users

The public simply go to the report incident page to start reporting.

Fast and User friendly

By following the user-friendly reporting process, a series of relevant questions, images and geo-locational information are requested and processed by the system. This information is then constructed into a valuable, evidence-based drone incident report.

All reports from the public must pass a user-verification process before they are added to the system and sent to organizational users.

Helping public and aviation safety

Once the report has been accepted by the system a red pin on the DroneALERT incident map is added, a copy of the report is sent to the public reporter and also to the organization in near-real time. The public role is completed. They are a #DroneDETECTIVE and have contributed to public and aviation safety.

No fly zones and Drone Laws

Want to take your drone to a new location? Fly safe and look at our global no-fly-zones and drone laws before flying.

Drone Detectives

Drone Alert Systems

By joining DroneALERT, Organizations gain access to a comprehensive intelligence system which streamlines data and resources during a drone incident.

  • Captures and files valuable drone incident reports from the public;
  • Near real-time incident notification;
  • Generates comprehensive Drone Intelligence Report;
  • Streamlines incident process management flow;
  • System customization - linking via API to internal client databases
  • Secure and unique client login and dashboard - No IT infrastructure or downloads required
  • Social media analysis and management

Drone First Responders

Coming soon